Condo Furniture Shopping in Full Force!

We’ve escaped to the big city and are here in San Pedro Sula picking out furniture for our new condos under construction! We have found a few VERY nice looking pieces and are also having some beautiful wooden furniture custom-made. They showed us a prototype the other day and I was just amazed with the craftsmanship! I think our condo buyers will be very pleased with the high quality products we are including in our furniture package for each unit.

That’s right! ALL of our condos come with a furniture package so you can skip the inconvenience of furnishing your vacation or retirement home yourself. If you think shopping for your home in Honduras is like shopping for your home in North America, think again! Buying with us allows you to avoid the unexpected, hair-pulling hassles like finding something you love that is out-of-stock, having something custom-made that turns out looking nothing like you described, or having to pay to have something from a distant city delivered and assembled. We make it easy for all of our buyers and residents and I am confident they will be very happy with the warm, comfortable feel we are striving for.

It’s crazy to think that in just three short months, our beachfront condos will be ready for move-in and to rent. If you and your extended family and friends are looking for a picturesque, entertaining place on the beach, we are your best bet and value in Trujillo Bay! Calling out to all native Catrachos…ask us about our Semana Santa accommodations!

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