Paddling With The Dolphins

Spotted! Trujillo Bay is teeming with dolphins. Just two days ago, my boyfriend, Mark, (who to my knowledge is at work) busts into my office, out of breath, saying something about dolphins. Surprised to see him just after 9AM and distracted by his soaked shorts and wet t-shirt, it takes me a minute to realize he wants me to follow him to the beach. As we quickly make our way to the water, I learn that he has paddle boarded all the way from Campo del Mar with a couple of others following a friendly pod of dolphins. When we make it to the beach, a huge smile crosses my face as I watch, from shore, a group of 6 or so dolphins swimming alongside the paddlers only about 40 yards out. Eager to get closer, I sit on Mark’s board and we paddle out a ways to intercept the dolphins.

What an amazing experience! It was as though the dolphins were showing off for us. One swam right under our paddleboard and two others jumped right out of the water. The needlefish they were after were quite a site as well when they fled for their lives. I was amazed by how far they flopped atop the calm ocean surface in an attempt to escape before plunging back under water. I actually thought a couple of them were going to flip right up onto the sandy beach. Another clumsy needlefish actually ran right into one of the paddleboards and flipped up and over it! I just wish I could have snapped a few photos. It truly was an unforgettable experience, and the coolest part is, it was a random, wild dolphin encounter. It wasn’t one of those “swim with the dolphins” excursions put together by a tour operator where trainers are feeding their tame, socialized dolphins fish and you get your photo taken. After about a week of rain, the sunshine and playful dolphins were an exciting, welcome sight that I will always remember and smile about.

Just another dream day in paradise!

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