The Condos are Taking Shape!

Here at Banana Beach, we are keeping busy! We’ve had beautiful, sunny, breezy weather, which has been perfect for pushing ahead with construction. The walls of the first floor in building E are up, and we will be pouring the second floor soon! It’s amazing how you can really start to see the units coming together! The front patios are enormous and will be perfect for lounging around in a hammock with a captivating book…not to mention you will have a nice ocean view.

Our condos will be the prime vacation getaway in Trujillo Bay whether you’re looking to own or rent as they come fully furnished with a comfortable yet chic vibe. I know I’d be buying one if I didn’t already live on-site. Whether you are looking to relax or party with family and friends, the rooftop patios on the second floor units will be badass! The wet bar will be covered and you will also have a spacious area for sunning and hanging out in the hot tub.

So e-mail us directly if you would like more information on owning or renting your very own beach condominium at Banana Beach.

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