Trujillo Is Open For Business

Yesterday, in Trujillo, expatriates and Trujillanos alike gathered in Banana Coast Landing to witness the dedication of the new cruise port to all of the people who believe in the future of Trujillo and sold their land and homes to Banana Coast. It is thanks to them, the hard work of Randy Jorgensen, the municipality of Trujillo and all of the foreigners invested in this grand project that Trujillo is now host to the first operating mainland cruise terminal in Central America.

While many claimed it couldn’t be done and were skeptic, Cotizar and Island Concrete worked tirelessly under head architect Dino Rietti to build the vision into a reality. Phase I of the cruise terminal is complete and ready to receive ships. The big question is, will the sleepy town of Trujillo be ready for their eager guests? As Randy emphasized, it is now the people and businesses of Trujillo’s job to make the cruise passengers, their guests, feel welcome, safe and happy. Trujillo must step up to the plate to greet our new guests. Foreigners expect clean, functioning bathrooms, clean beaches, clean streets. The common denominator here? CLEAN. No one wants to step off a world-class ship and walk the beach road lined with over-flowing trash bins and vultures. The only thing people should stumble across on the white, sandy beaches is beautiful seashells. I am personally excited to witness these inevitable positive changes and to see the quaint, beautiful town of Trujillo live up to its potential.

Back to the event, there were several high profile socialites in attendance including the President of Honduras, Mr. Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo, his brother Ramon Mancho Lobo, Marco Tulio Castillo, the Vice Minister of Tourism, Ms. Synthia Bennett Soleman, the mayors of Trujillo and Santa Fe among many others. I was lucky enough to be a part of the VIP attendees thanks to Mark Rowley, my boyfriend and part owner of Banana Coast Tours and Campo Del Mar Park System.

Working for a resort and development, I have high hopes for the buzz cruise ship drop-offs is sure to create! It is time the world recognizes all of the hidden beauty around every corner in Trujillo Bay. The bay surely is an untapped gem on the brink of discovery. Here at Banana Beach, we are excited about the expected traffic and value the port will bring to the area. If you are looking to invest in beach property before Trujillo becomes the next Caribbean hotspot, you’ve got just over a year until that first ship arrives. Banana Beach has new, turnkey beach condos available now for move-in! If you buy a condo with us, you can immediately receive a return on your investment through our rental program. Our growing project isn’t just a piece of pie in the sky. We are on the ground operating and selling now. For more information, please email me at . If you are looking to make a smart investment or seeking a tranquil vacation spot, Banana Beach is the place for you.

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